Chapter 60- People Change

"Chris, Where are you going?" We were at the airport waiting for them to announce our departure from NY to the Bahamas. 

"Uh I forgot something at home. I’ll be right back"

"Are you serious? Our flight leaves in 20 minutes"

"I promise I’ll be back before lift off. This is just something important that I forgot."

"Okay Christopher. Just make sure you’re back in time"

"I promise" He bent down and kissed me before turning on his heels and walking away. I so hope he’s back in time, because I really don’t wanna miss our flight to the Bahamas.


" See what did I tell you" He said plopping down next to me in the seat on the plane.

He was back just in time. I didn’t even have time to ask him what he went home to go get.

"Yeah, we were this close to missing the plane" I said putting my index finger and thumb about 2 inches apart. "What did you have to go home and get anyways?" I said buckling my seat belt.

"I can’t tell you" He wasn’t even paying attention to me. He was to busy trying to get the flight attendant’s attention.

"Come on just tell me" I whined

He slowly turned to me and chuckled “So, you’re going to whine if I don’t tell you?”


"Well then do what you gotta do" He shrugged then turned his attention back to the flight attendant. "Can I get a shot of … I don’t know just get me a shot of anything before this plane takes off" He said once she finally reached us.

"OK" She laughed "And for you miss" She said directing attention towards me.

"From you, no thanks, but from my husband I would like him to tell me what he went back to the house for."

"Sorry can’t help you with that, but I’ll get you a whiskey"


"Chris tell me" I whined again

He took my hand and looked at me “Babe, it’s a surprise, now quit with that whining shit.”

"Fine" I huffed "That’s why there’s a 50 percent chance we will die on this plane from it crashing into another one" I only said it because I know he’s afraid of flying, but it only made his grip on my hand tighter. He gripped it so tight I couldn’t feel my fingers. "Chris"

"Oh, sorry" He loosened his grip but it was still a little tight. 

The flight attendant came back with his drink and he quickly downed it “Keep em coming” 

"Ok, and are you sure I can’t get anything for you beautiful" She said winking at me and I just shook my head. Was she flirting with me?

As soon as she walked way he started to chuckle to himself “What’s so funny?” I asked him

"You do know she was flirting with you?"

"I might be leaving with her tonight, if you don’t tell me what’s in the bag"

 He leaned down close to my ear so that only I could hear him.

"I wouldn’t be mad, I mean she is a fine piece of ass" Then sat back and licked his lips at me.

It’s crazy how he was turning me on and making me mad at him at the same time. I didn’t even bother to reply because he’s not going to tell me.


5 hours later and we were finally at our hotel.

"Wow this is beautiful" I was taking in all of my surroundings, the white sandy beach, the clear water, and most of all the man I sharing it with.

We checked in and head to our beach view suite.

"Babe how about you go to the beach and I’ll meet you down there in 10"

"Uh ok." I quickly changed into my bikini and headed down to the beach.

I got down to the beach and laid my towel down on the sand then quickly went down to the water.

Looking around in the water I only seen couples paired off, and I started to get a little sad. What was taking Chris so long? I guess he knew I was thinking about him because all of a sudden I felt strong arms wrap around my waist. He pulled me closer to him forcing my back to hit his chest.

"You know a pretty lady like yourself shouldn’t be out here all by herself." He whispered in my ear.

"I mean I wouldn’t have been by myself if my husband wasn’t upstairs being sneaky." 

He turned me around so that now I was facing him and kissed me so deeply that he literally knocked all of the madness I had for him out.

"Sorry about that babe, I just had some things —"

I tried to let him finish talking but I was starring at his lips and they were just calling me in so I kissed him and he scooped me up, allowing a screech to escape my mouth. But that didn’t stop him from kissing up my neck while walking back to the room.

He continued to kiss me, taking his time. His tongue exploring my mouth and teasing my tongue and lips. Time passed as we continued to kiss, the anticipation between us is so strong I feel like my body is about to explode.

“You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted you.” He sighs between kisses.

“Yeah, we were both being stubborn on our feelings” I look into his eyes and he laughed

Kissing me one last time he grins. “Stand up.”

With out hesitation I do as he says, moving to the end of the bed. He moves so that he’s sitting at the edge of the bed. Sliding his hands on my waist he brings me closer so that I’m standing between his thighs. I know he’s nude from the waist down, but I keep my eyes glued to his despite the intense urge to look down at his bare, muscular body. He better hurry up before I lose it.

He takes my right hand and kisses the top softly, then each finger. He lifts my hand to his lips and kisses my palm keeping my eyes glued to his. He moves to my left hand and does the exact same thing. Once he’s done with my left hand he returns to my right and slips a finger into his mouth, swirling his tongue around each one as he sucks it in. Gripping into his shoulder I bit back a groan in an attempt to steady my all ready shaky legs.

After he finished with my hands he kissed his way up my arm, paying special attention to the super sensitive parts of my body. He continued up over my shoulders to the top of my bathing suit where it meets my bare collar bone. Tracing his tongue along it he chuckled as I trembled against him.

His eyes travel from my face down my shoulders to my breasts, sitting at his eye level in a gorgeous turquoise and white bikini top. He grinned and pulled my body closer to his.

He kissed his way from my collar bone down between my tits, his fingers teased my ticklish hips. Even through the bikini top I could feel his hot breath teasing my begging nipples.

With a mischievous smile, he reaches behind me and slowly untied the sides of my bikini bottoms.

“Step out of it.”

With out taking a step back I pushed it down my thighs and kick it out of the way.

His smile grows as his eyes take me in. He leans back, his eyes roaming my body.

He smiled and signaled for me to spin around with his finger, so I slowly did as he request, knowing that I was already soaked.

“You can walk around like this forever and I’d never get bored.” He grined wickedly and told me to turn again slowly. When I face him again he says, “Take it off.” With my eyes glued to his, I untie the top of my bikini to and hold it in place, causing a hunger to flash through his dark eyes.

“You better drop it.” His voice came out deep, strained, and yearning,

I drop my hands and let the bikini top fall to the floor.  

His eyes traveled along my body causing me to blush. The look on his face was something I’d never seen before. Our first time together was rushed we didn’t stop out of the desire to finally have each other. This time was different. I was afraid to move; the look he gave me told me he’d pin me if I tried to escape.

Placing one knee on the bed I knelled and grinned wickedly and continued to crawl up the length of his body. Our lips slowly met sending fireworks off when they did. The moment his hands touched my bare skin, a fire lit inside of me spreading throughout my entire body before disappearing between my thighs. He wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me down on top of him.

A moan escaped my lips as our naked bodies finally met. “Babe.” I moaned against his throat. He continued to kiss my face, down my jaw, up to my ear, down my neck, around to the middle of my throat and down until he reaches the space between my breast.

“You’re still soft, you’re whole body is warm.” He whispered as his hands cup my breasts “Oh God so perfect.” He kissed one then the other, using his thumbs to circle my nipples. They pucker quickly begging for the feel of his lips, tongue and teeth.

Quickly he rolled us, putting him on top and trapping me beneath his weight. My back arched up for him, pleading for his mouth but he continued to kiss down my stomach stopping at my belly button. His tongue slipped inside causing my body to jerk up into him. He looked down into my watching eyes and flashed an evil smile. His lips continued their tour down, moving to the tops of my thighs, then inside my thighs, down to my knees, then down my calves. Once he was happy, he rolled me over he kissed his way back up my body.  By the time he reached the back of my neck my body is shaking beyond my control.

“Shit Nicky, the things I want to do to you.” He whispered in my ear as he slapped my bare ass cheeks.

“Chris,” I groan, arching into his palm.

His hand comes down again, he rubs over the stinging heat and smacks the other cheek. I bit down on my lip as he continued to smack my ass.

He growled and grabbed my ass, as he attacked the back of my neck with his mouth. “Roll over for me.”

He grabbed me under my arm pits and lifts me to the head of his bed. “Nicky?” He asks, his eyes meeting mine. He doesn’t need to say anything else I know what he wants from me. I nod once and relax my body. The grin that takes over his face is magical, lighting up my entire world. He pulls a chain from the upper left bed post and gently cuffs my left wrist in black leather. What the fuck? The same black leather cuff is hanging from the upper right bed post. Once my arms are restrained he pulls a black silk eye mask from the bed side table and slips it over my head, covering my eyes. I gasp as the world around me becomes dark. “Harry 1V will make it stop. You understand babe?” He breathes before kissing my swollen lips and moving down the bed. The bottom posts hide a second set of cuffs, the cool leather pulls my legs wide, opening my body up for him.

Once my legs are restrained he moves off the bed, leaving me open and alone. The room is silent for a moment before I hear him open the closet door. I try to relax my body, but my nerves are getting the best of me. He didn’t even warn me about the blindfold, the cuffs. I guess that’s what was in the bag.

I feel him close by and desperately want to see what’s going to happen next.

“Damn I wish you could see what I see beautiful.” His voice is tender and deep sending shocks straight to my core. My body clenches and he chuckles. “I know you’re sensitive so relax.” Something soft tickled my stomach. I try to figure out what it is but he’s moving it over my skin entirely too quickly. He ran it between my breasts and down between my legs. “Nicky?”

“Yes.” I reply breathlessly.

“You ok with this?”


“Are you scared?” He asks softly.

I shake my head quickly.

“Are you?” he asked as he crosses the room.

“No.” I say clearly.

“Why not? I have you restrained, your eyes covered and you’re not scared?”

“I trust you Christopher.”

“Aight babe.”

The sound of those words and him smiling floods my body with heat.

 “You understand what you need to do if it’s too much?”

“Harry 1V.” I say softly.

“I will stop immediately.”

“I know.” I smile and lick my lips. Hurry the fuck up.

The bed shifts as he joins me but his body doesn’t touch mine yet. I know he’s looking at me and it makes my squirm.

“Chris?” I ask cautiously not knowing what to expect. “When can I see you?”

He gently kisses my lips, “When I’m ready, I will remove it all.” He promised with another kiss. “But for now I’m going to make you beg me to stop.”

The soft toy from before is back between my legs, tickling my sensitive bits. As the tickling continues between my thighs something cold begins to circle my right nipple causing it to pucker immediately. Something sharp teases the tip of my nipple sending a small bite of pain to shoot to my stomach. Then the sharp cool instrument moves to my other nipple. It gets the same treatment. He moves back and forth between the two nipples for a few minutes until my nipples are hard and erect.

“Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.” He commanded softly. I do and feel something cool and smooth bite into my right nipple with a slight pinch.

“Ooo.” I gasp as he places the second clamp on my other nipple.

“Now the fun part.” He chuckled.

“Oh m-crap.” I groan arching up as the clamps begin to vibrate my nipples.

“This is the first level of four, lets see which one you like the most.” He teased, bringing his face down to rest his chin below my breasts. I felt the weight of his body below me, trapping the soft, feather like toy between my thighs. The vibrations increase causing me to clench my hands and buck against the restraints. “Not quiet there.” His breath teased my skin and he turned the speed up another notch.

“Oh God!” I moaned loudly and pulled on the wrist restraints.

“Better it seems.” He laughed softly. “But what happens when we hit the top?”

“Oh fuck.” I yelled, my body arching up off of the bed. My arms and legs pulled the restraints tighter and knocked Chris completely off of me.

“Too much.” He laughed and turned the clamps back to the third level. “We’ll keep it here.” He sighed, moving his head up my body. He licked the very tips of each nipple extracting a full strangled moans from deep with in me. “That’s a beautiful sound.” He teased, leaving my nipples clamped and vibrating.

“Harry 1V remember.” Slowly He begin to trace the feathers up my body, over my clamped nipple and down. I struggled against the restraints, caught between giggling and moaning. He teased down my body, between my legs, down my legs to the bottom of my feet.

“CHRIS” I screamed and tried to move my feet away from the feathers.

“Calm your ass down you’re restrained.” He teased switching to my other foot and up my leg to my wet, swollen lips.

My hips rotate, my legs pulling at the restraints to open wider.

“AAhhhh. Ohhh oh.” I groaned wishing I could grab onto him.

“What happens when I do this?” He said as he moved down my body. I felt his fingers opening my swollen lower lips. “You’re so wet for me Shit. I can’t wait to taste you again.” The anticipation of what he is going to do made my body buzz and my head light. Then the familiar soft feathers begin dancing over my spread lips.

A half moan, half scream as I tried to close my legs.

“Stop trying to close your legs that shit’s not going to work.” He commanded and I froze biting back the need to move away from the tickling feathers. He moved them in quick, biting circles hitting every inch of my slick slit.

“Chris please!” I beg as I felt it building deep inside of me. “God it tickles.”

“You have goose bumps.” He kissed the top of my hip bone then licked his way down to the top of my wet lips. “I could make you come with just these little feathers.” He whispered against my skin. “But I won’t.” The feathers were removed and my body immediately gasped for attention.

Before I opened my mouth to ask for him, his tongue licked from the top of my lips to my hole. He circles my hole but doesn’t enter it.

“God you taste like heaven.” He groaned as he licked up my lips again. He does this a few times before lifting my hips off the bed and pushing his head between my legs. “Do you remember what to say?”

“Yes.” my voice strains at his timing.

“Good.” He laughed and my body tensed from a new sensation. 

“Oh fuck.” I buck and try to pull away.

 He attacked my most sensitive spot aggressively. He circles my clit with his lips, at the same time slipping two fingers up inside me, hitting the top of my wall. His fingers quickly work over my spongy inside causing my entire body to arch up off of the bed and pull against the restraints. My mouth opened in a silent scream as he let out a breath, shaking my body. “Now let’s see how many times I can make you come” He whispered against my clit and sucked it into his mouth. His fingers working faster and faster, my body was rising higher and higher, every part of me reaching a higher point than ever before.

“Oh God yes. Oh yea. Yea. Yea yea. Yea. Oh God.” I begged for him to keep going His fingers feverishly worked my g-spot, his lips and tongue worked my clit. My eyes were squeezed shut, bright reds, blues, yellows, greens. A rainbow of colors flashing behind my eye lids. “Fuck Chris. Holy oh my, oh yea, oh oh oh oh,” My voice is getting higher as we race up higher and higher. “Oh-Chris I think there’s one.” I barely get out.

“Come for me babe.” He responded, a smile in his voice.

With out another word I fall. Every inch of me is convulsing hard, even my throat. Sounds I have never heard before fill the room. I felt the world falling away from me, pulling the blackness over me and just before I let go I felt this intense pressure between my slick, swollen lips. The pressure continued to build and as a new wave rushed over my body something wet and powerful shoots out of my body.

“Aw fuck.” Chris groaned and a new wave of orgasms took control of my body. I couldn’t hear anything as my body spasm harder than ever before. My entire body suddenly feels overly sensitive. Every nerve ending raw.

“Relax Nicky.” Chris repeated as he kissed me all over. The world was slowly coming back into focus. The vibrations on my nipples, his hot body against mine and the sound of our breathing.

He grins devilishly and I realize his fingers are back inside of me.

His fingers move quickly, massaging my insides with the perfect amount of pressure. My body is shaking, my insides throbbing and convulsing around his fingers.

“Oh God.” I moan as I felt the pressure building again.

“Fall for me.” He said, kissing me hard. The taste of my juices on his tongue is almost too much. My eyes close, my head curled up towards the ceiling.

“FUCK!” I screamed, arching up off the bed, when Chris turned the nipple clamps up to the highest vibration level. “CHRIS!” I cried out, desperately reaching for him even though the restraints won’t allow me access.

My body was shaking harder than ever before, new sounds, a higher pitched voice begging for him to stop.

A fresh wave comes crashing down on me. My body pulls hard against the restraints, my body thrashing up off of the bed.

“Stop moving.” Chris demanded holding my body down with one arm as his other hand continues to pull a third orgasm out of no where.

“Please Stop it’s too much.” I beg as the third wave begins to subside. But his fingers don’t stop. “Oh, o, oooo, oooooo, o, o o, o, o, o GAW, ooooooooooo.” My entire body tenses as more liquid shoots out of me. “Fuck.” I scream. “Chris?” I cry.

The vibrating clamps return to the lower level as he kisses me hard. His hands work to undo the leather cuffs from my wrists.

Once my wrists are free I sit up and rub them gently. Chris turns and releases my ankles as well then returns to my face.

He slowly removed the clamp off of my right nipple “Holy shit.” I yelled as blood rushed to my nipple, sending a wave of pain and pleasure through my body. He quickly removed the other clamp and I grabbed his wrists to keep my body still. “Wow.” I smile at him, catching his eyes with mine. “Stop smiling like that.”

His dimples flashed before he kissed me. “We’re not done.” He promised “But before all that, let’s give you what you want.” 

“Oh yea.” I groan pulling at him.

“Spread your legs for me.” He moves his body between my legs and looks me in the eyes, waiting.

“Chris?” I whimper.

“Yes?” He teases me.

“Oh God please?” I beg.

“Please? What? Get you a sandwich? Cut on the AC?”

“Please,” I swallow hard, my heart pounding in my chest. “Fuck me.”

The moment the words leave my lips he slides inside me. 

“Oh fuck.” He groaned loudly the second he entered my tight walls. Neither of us moves for a beat and then he slides out and back in slowly. I fall back onto the bed and spread my legs wide for him. I look down the length of our bodies to watch him slide into me.

“Yes.” I moan arching into him. “Oh yes.” I smile and look into his eyes. “So thick, so long, so fucking hard.” I whisper, licking my lips.

He growls in response and bites my lower lip. “I want this to last.” He breathes.

I moan, pulling at him to take me deeper.

The world around us falls away, leaving Chris and I alone, our bodies desperately sliding together. I wrap my legs around his waist, lifting my hips up off of the bed.

“Deeper.” I beg pulling him down on to me. “God you feel amazing inside of me.”

“I was about to say the same thing to you.” He smiles and nips at my lips.

I giggle, but burst out laughing as his teeth find my ear.

“Shit, when you laugh, you clench around me. It makes it hard to control myself.”

“What if I want you to lose control?” I wag my eye brows at him.

It’s his turn to laugh, pushing him deeper still.

“Fuck you’re so thick.”

“Am I hurting you?”

“God no, you feel better than anything. You better not hold back this time; I don’t wanna be able to walk. I grin and bite his lower lip.

“Keep talking like that and this slow, sweet fuck is going to quickly turn into rough and hard.”

“Really?” I tease reaching behind him and smacking his ass. “Is that a promise?”

“You did not just slap my ass?” He growls.

I smack him again, harder.

“That’s the way you want it little one.” He pulls out quickly and rolls me over onto my stomach. He pushes legs apart and slams deep inside of me.

“OOOOHHHH.” I grab at the pillows in front of me.

“Don’t think for a second I’ll give up control.”

“You just gave me what I wanted.” I smile at him over my shoulder.

“Did I?” He teases me, pulling me up onto my knees. “You like this position, on your knees with your sexy ass in the air begging to be spanked.

“Yes I do.” I grin at him.

He grins back, grabs my hips and starts thrusting into my hard and fast.

Out of no where an orgasm comes crashing down on me. I start to scream, but Chris just pushes my face into a pillow and holds me there by the neck with his strong hand. Once the waves begin to subside, he pulls out of me and pushes me away. He lies down on his back and looks at me.

“Your turn to fuck me.” He smiles and pulls my body on top of his.

I grasp his slick cock, wet from my juices and rise my hips above him and slide him inside of me.

“Oh my, fuck, you’re, oh God.” I groan as he fills me to the hilt.

He groans at the same time as I do. “Get to it dirty girl.” He grins sending blush through my body. My eyes go wide and I stare down at him, biting my lower lip. “Don’t look at me like that. You want to be in control. Then fuck me.” He smiles.

I pout, “You know I don’t want to be in control.” I whine. He grabs me and pulls my mouth to his; I moan and begin grinding my hips into his. I watch as his eyes close and his body jerks with my words. After a few deep thrusts I lean forward, bringing my mouth near his ear. “Chris?”

“Yes.” He moans and grabs my hips lifting me up enough to bend his knees below me. He starts fucking me from below. “Touch yourself.” He demands.

“Yes sir.”

“Oh fuck.” His body arches up into mine, hitting the deepest part of me.
Our bodies are moving fast and hard. Pounding into each other with every ounce of energy. Sweat is pouring down Chris’s body. The smell of our sex fills the air. Our cries, our moans echoing around the room. The world could burn to ash around us and neither of us would notice.

“Oh God.” I groan grabbing at his thick arms. He grabs my legs and quickly rolls us so that he’s back on top. I lift my legs high in the air and watch as small droplets of sweat drip down the fine contours of his perfect pecks. I try to sit up to lick them, but he pushes me down.

“Stay down.” He commands, taking my legs in his arms and lifting them up higher.

“Rub your clit.” He groans loudly. “I want you to come now.”

“Shit” I moan as I feverishly circle my clit. I swear, arching up off of the bed.

“STAY DOWN!” Using both arms he holds my body still and fucks me hard. The very depths of my body throbbing and gasping to feel every inch of him. I yell out while trying to keep my body. My nails dig into his butt cheek and a stifled scream escapes my throat as he squeezes my neck slightly.

“Oh shit.” He moans and pulls out of me quickly.

“Chris?!” I groan trying to pull him back in.

“Stop.” He says moving away from me and turning my body back over. “Knees.” He moans, slipping his cock back inside of me. He slaps my ass and returns to fucking me with long, deep thrusts.

I turn my head and watch him over my left shoulder. He leans forward and kisses me passionately. Our breathing is heavy. Our bodies slick.
Time starts to slip away, I lose track of where we are and what’s around us. A few minutes later, he pulls out again and rolls me over before entering me again. With a wicked grin, Chris sits back up, grabs my ankles and with an incredible burst of energy he begins fucking me harder and faster than before. I try to reach for him, but with a simple look his eyes tell me no. I grab at the sheets and try to meet his every thrust.

I feel another wave building inside of me. It’s bigger than the others, stronger. It starts in my toes, a tingling sensation that slowly works up my feet to my ankles, up my legs to my thighs, to my stomach. When it reaches my nipples I cry out. I feel like I’m floating above my body.

“Wait for me.” He warns me.

“What kind of shit-” I moan and watch the pleasure of my words rush over him.

“I’m going, awww FUCK!” He yells out. The power of his orgasm pushes me over the edge and we both start falling. Our bodies locked in tiny, intense spasms. The colors return behind my eye lids and just before I scream his name the world around me goes black, but quickly comes back into focus once the orgasm subsides.

I don’t care what anybody says, that was the best sex ever, and I get to have it whenever I want because he is mine, til death do us part ♥